Abstract Art is my Awakening

Essay in intuitive awareness by Philippe Benichou Lora’s Paradise ~ Watercolor on paper ~ © Philippe Benichou In my view, the understanding of abstract art is based on two main…

Abstract art evolutionary theory by Philippe Benichou

Abstract Art Evolutionary Theory It is hard to imagine there was a time before language. Abstraction was the first step in the collective evolution, starting with the breakthrough that abstract…

Renaissance – the arts in competition by Barbara John

Social changes started in the late Middle Ages: painters, sculptors and architects began to be classed as artists. In the early days of the Renaissance, the arts started to compete with each other. Until then the fine arts had been subordinate to the artes liberales like music, but this was questioned by universally talented artists like Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) and Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). One key reason was the discovery of central perspective.

Abstract Art is my Awakening

As an abstract artist I externalize on canvas what I am experiencing from within but cannot express in words. The forms, shapes, lines and colors that come out are no longer recognizable objects from my projected self-images, that is “what I think I know about myself and the world around me.”